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Blue Angel | Nordic Swan

Allied Group are pleased to present our portfolio of products for printers seeking Blue Angel and Nordic Swan certification.

The Blue Angel (Der Blaue Engel) is a German certification for products and services that have environmentally friendly aspects.

The Blue Angel is the first environment-related label for products and services in the world. Since 1978 it has set the standard for eco-friendly products and services selected by an independent jury in line with defined criteria. The Blue Angel is only awarded to products and services which - from a holistic point of view - are of considerable benefit to the environment and, at the same time, meet high standards of serviceability, health, and occupational protection.

The Blue Angel considers itself as a market-conform instrument of environmental policy designed to distinguish the positive environmental features of products and services on a voluntary basis. Companies use the label to professionally promote their eco-friendly products in the market. Thus, it is an ecological beacon showing the consumer the way to the ecologically superior product and promotes environmentally conscious consumption

The Blue Angel for Printed Matters (RAL-UZ 195) is awarded to printed matter that represents an environmentally friendly alternative to standard printed matter available on the market.

Nordic Swan, also known as the ‘Nordic Ecolabel’, is a voluntary eco-labelling system that evaluates a product’s impact on the environment throughout the whole lifecycle, looking at energy and water usage, the kinds of chemicals used, recycling and reuse of waste products.

Nordic Swan is a Type 1 eco-label and was developed by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It was initiated as a practical tool for consumers to help them actively choose environmentally sound products and is the official eco-label for the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland), with the EU Eco-label Flower as its EU equivalent.

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Blue Angle and Nordic Swan Compliant Press Room Chemicals:

Allied Group has a full range of products, which are both Blue Angel and Nordic Swan Compliant, as listed below:

Blue Angel Compliant (Annex 7 Declarations are available on request):

Fountain Solutions:                             

Alcomi 3368 TE

Alcomi 3368 Neutral

Alcomi 3368 Neutral TE

Alcomi 3368 TE IND

Alcomi 3368 News Fount TE

Alcomi 3368

Titan    6068

SA8C Fount

Titan Fount NWS FA

Green Fount 9068

Green Fount 8068

SPN Fount

Titan Elite FX

Specialty chemicals:

Silicone Emulsions

Ink Repellent

Water Fixer

Hydro Lube

Systems Cleaner Powder

Plate Fix


Etch Control


Spray Powder


Gum Etch

Nordic Swan Compliant (a list of compliant products are available on the MSA (My Swan Account) portal:

Fountain Solutions:                             

Titan 5

Titan 4

Titan 3

Web Fount 6068

Alcomi 3368 Neutral TE

Alcomi 3368 News Fount TE

Alcomi 3368 TE

Specialty chemicals:


CTP-C Plate Cleaner

Systems Cleaner Part A & B


Gum Etch

Etch Control

Hydro Lube

Water Fixer

Eclipse Storage Gum

Ultra AA Wash



The Swan Eco-label criteria is not applicable for Rollerlube, Chain Cleaner and Lubricant, Spray Powder, Anti-Dry and Ink Repellent, these products are therefore exempt.

 Allied Group Technical specialists are available to assist printers with their Blue Angel and Nordic Swan applications. Please also note the Nordic Swan portal is available at

Please contact your local Allied Group representative or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Products, names and packaging may vary in Global Regions.


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